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I started my career at AT&T (actually, the former Bell System) working as a Cobol programmer, then tech lead and finally manager on payroll, benefits and billing systems. The final two years there were the most interesting as I was part of the team that stood up the technical infrastructure for the WorldPartners Company, a new joint venture among AT&T, KDD (Japan) and Singapore Telecom. This was my introduction to Oracle technology (application server and database server) as well as my first taste of international travel as the work took me to Amsterdam, Singapore and Tokyo as we hashed out EDI interfaces among the partners.

My next stop was Oracle, were I started as a Managing Principal Consultant and worked up through Practice Manager and finally Technical Director. I continued to work in the telecommunication industry and among other projects was the tech lead on the implementation of a Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) order management and provisioning system for a major telecom company which was deployed internationally and afforded the opportunity to travel to Brussels and Sydney.

With the meltdown of the telecom industry, followed quickly by the bursting of the internet bubble, I was happy to land a job with Unisys and work within the Federal Government sector. Since 2003 I have been the lead architect for the enterprise applications infrastructure for a major agency within the Department of Homeland Security. This position has allowed me to build on my Oracle expertise and expand my knowledge base into the area of infrastructure security. As Director of Infrastrucutre Architecture and Security, I helped establish a common operating platform for the agency's mission applications. The common platform reduced engineering costs and significantly decreased time-to-market for deploying new applications. Certifying the common applications infrastructure as a General Support System also greatly reduced Certification and Accreditation efforts for standing up additional systems on the infrastructure. Working regularly with the DHS Secure Baselines for Web Servers, Solaris, Windows and Oracle as well as the Recommended Security Controls for Federal Systems (NIST 800-53) has been rewarding and a critical success factor in attaining the CISSP certification.

After 7 great years at Unisys, I moved on to Agilex Technologies as a Technical Director in the Homeland Security Sector where I leveraged and improved upon the experiences gained working with common application infrastructure.

Agilex was eventually purchased by Accenture Federal Services where I went on to implement cloud infrastructure in both AWS and Azure.

Finally, I left Accenture and joined Deloitte as a Specialist Leader and continued my work at the Department of Homeland Security in cloud Infrastructure and DevSecOps.